The Croft


In addition to the generous decrofted garden area extending to 0.7 acre or thereby there is also a 4 1/3 acre owner occupied croft included in the sale complete with fenced off paddocks with a water feed for pigs, horses, cattle, sheep etc. There are 2 moveable timber pig arcs and a sheep shelter.

croft and views (3)

The croft has five paddocks fenced off down one side of the Croft and two of these have wooden pig sheds on them.  Access to this area is either down a garden path or a ’pig run’ which was cited for livestock to be manoeuvred and parallel to the boundary fence.

Lower down there are two areas fenced off for chickens and ducks  with a stream running through.

At the top end roadside there is a small paddock with stone built shed, it has been used for pigs and sheep. Access by a small gate from the car parking area and also by a roadside farm gate.



conservatory (1)

The land is suitable for all livestock and would be of interest to horse owners, as at the other side of the Croft there is a large fenced off area where it would be simple enough to erect stabling.

The whole Croft has been planted with greenery. There are lots of fir trees, alder and willows downfence sides to act as windbreaks.

A multi-purpose attached building in the design of the house this attached to the house with a roofed passageway.


What is a croft?

A croft is a small agricultural unit which usually consists of a small area of land plus grazing rights in an area of common grazings shared with a number of other crofts.

More information on crofting and crofts  can be found below….